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..what started out as an IVF journey and ended up being about life

Well, that didn’t take long!! October 19, 2008

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The hormones are kicking in! :0

We went to the American Museum of Natural History yesterday and I started to cry three times.

Cry 1 – looking at the anteater in the North American Mammal Display

Cry 2 – walking through the dinosaurs, started thinking about the fact they are extinct

Cry 3 – in the midst of the Techno Sonic Vision “movie”.

I kid you not folks….these are the actual incidents that made me tear up. You can’t make this crap up.

I seemed to have recovered temporarily, but who knows when they will strike again.

On the other side of the coin, if you get a chance to see either the Horse exhibit at the Museum or the Sonic Vision movie at the Space Center – do it.  Both were great!

There is an artist that creates bronze and driftwood sculpture of horses, her name is Deborah Butterfield. It’s worth it just to see her sculpture of her own horse at the end. I did not cry over it, but was awed. Then again, that could be the drugs also.

Judge for yourself….It’s much more impressive in person