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It’s Sunday October 26, 2008

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and I learned an interesting tidbit this morning.

I had to go in for blood after taking the hCG last night and was curious as to why. So, I asked one of the nurses and she responded with this.

“We have found at retrievals that some people aren’t about to ovulate or something is wrong with the trigger. And we figured out that they are just injecting themselves with the dilutent and no hCG. So, now everyone has to come in for a blood test to make sure they took the hCG correctly.”

Are ya kidding me??!!!!!! This is one of the best I’ve heard. How do  you not do the trigger correctly?! You have to have been doing injections for at least a week – you can’t figure this out?!

And now I have to suffer for other’s mistakes…

Anyway, after that tidbit of info, I went off to Church to say a prayer for myself and some others. Came home and took the beasties to the park so they could run in the woods for a while. We had a nice long walk and came home so we could all fall asleep (and Dan can watch football). I’m awake right now, but not sure how long it’s going to last since I feel like napping again.

Retrieval time is 10:45 a.m.


2 Responses to “It’s Sunday”

  1. emilythehopeless Says:

    good luck today!!

  2. adecadeofbfns Says:

    Good luck w/ the retrieval. Hoping for high fertilization!!!

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