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So sorry…. October 29, 2008

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Haven’t been around for a few days.

All kinds of exciting stuff happening. 😮

We had 47 fertilize!!!!!! I’m so happy about that! This was our last shot so whatever fertilized is whatever we will get. Don’t get too excited reading about those 47 – I’ve had 60 embies transferred to date – 1 pregnancy, 2 chemicals…so it’s not a set in stone thing that I’ll get PG off one of these embies, but it certainly does improve my chances.

Now, onto me…

Went to work on Tuesday, felt kinda crappy and bloated but that’s to be expected. By the end of the day, I was feeling like shite. Went to my mom’s and visited her for a while, mostly as a break and then went home and crashed.  Got up this morning and found I had gained over 4 pounds in one day. Now, I’m starting to get nervous. Go to the Dr. to get a full blood panel done and proceed to wait. Get a call from the RE @ noon and they tell me that if Dr. K decides to do a 3dt it will be at 10 a.m. tomorrow. But, she also tells me they haven’t gotten my bloods back yet so she’s not sure what he’s going to decide. Then I get a call at three – my blood came back okay. I am hyperstimmed, but it’s not going to be hospital worthy. Thank God!!! I did that two years ago and let me tell you, it’s not fun spending three days in the hospital and having gallons of fluid drained from your abdomen.  My estrogen is down to 2100 from 6000 and my liver enzymes are good. So, it looks like I’m going to be very uncomfortably for the next few days, but that about it.

AND – no transfer. He wants to wait a month or two, let my body get back to some semblance of normal and then we’ll do frozens.

It’s all good by me…I was getting way more worried about the OHSS than anything.


3 Responses to “So sorry….”

  1. Coach Louise Says:

    Don’t be sorry, just take good care of yourself. Wow 47 embies! amazing. ok I know its about how many keep growing and the quality so we won’t get ahead of ourselves as you say. But gosh it looks like there is a good chance for you. I remember I went up 6lbs (got a bit of a fright)- but was back down the next day. Thank goodness you didn’t have to go through the OHSS, I believe it is awful. Take it easy and get some normality back over the holiday season. Time to have some fun. Then join a bunch of us going through IVF in Jan! (don’t recommend it over December with all the festivities -been there done that)


  2. adecadeofbfns Says:

    47!!! That is great! Your lil bean is waiting for you. Take care of yourself and hope the OHSS is not too bad.

  3. emilythehopeless Says:

    i’m still in shock at your numbers. sounds like a good idea to wait and FET. wishing you the best!!!

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