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Mel’s Show and Tell November 30, 2008

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Worshipping the Head

Worshipping the Head

So, I figure since everyone else seems to be posting current stuff and the weather is cold – I should interject with a lovely photo from summers’ past.

This wonderful pic was taken at the Taconic Sculpture Garden in Spencertown, NY, just off the Taconic Parkway. As you are driving north on the parkway, this head suddenly appears at the top of a hill for all to see. Upon first glance it’s sort of a shock. We saw it for a few years while going up to visit family in Kinderhook and had dubbed it “The Head”. We finally decided to go and see what “The Head” was all about. Well, after a 20 minute drive, we came to a house where there are many, many sculptures scattered across the immense property. They are in the woods, on the fields and in the gardens. Apparently, they can be bought from a Mr. Ron Kinwit who works and lives in the house.

We spent a good hour photographing ourselves amongst the various pieces and then went on our merry way….redubbing it “The Head House”



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5dp3dt… November 29, 2008

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Saturday morning and the drugs are driving me insane already.

I don’t know which is worse – the progesterone cramping or the estrace nauseau…either way I can’t stand it.

On the upside, we are going to Cali in two weeks!! Soooooooo exciting!!! We are going to visit hubby’s sister and family in Santa Monica and I really can’t wait. First, because I really miss them and want to see them. Second, cuz I’ve never been to Cali and can’t wait to see the other coast!! So, it’s very exciting stuff.

Misty’s still sort of off…and I really should be taking her for her shots today. Not sure what I’m going to do about that. She’s farting like a madman and although her stool was semi-normal yesterday, I haven’t checked todays yet. Why, oh why do dogs have to eat crap that’s in or on the ground for extended periods of time?!

In even sadder news (I’m just a happy piglet aren’t I?), a man was trampled in a WalMart on LI yesterday. And I cannot fathom how crass, rude and boorish our society has become that a person’s life is worth saving $5 on a Christmas gift. I just can’t figure it out…When did we become these monsters? How does noone care about another persons welfare at all. How do you see people knock someone over and stomp all over him and just join the throng and not try to help. Then there’s someone who videotaped the police trying to resuscitate him and was laughing…how do you laugh at another persons’ death? Yeah…Merry Christmas Everyone. 😦 Thankfully, I was working and will be working today…I have no interest in dealing with the mobs at the stores this weekend. No bargain is that important, people will just get less for Christmas.


Thanksgiving evening… November 27, 2008

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and I kind of feel bad about my rant this morning…not that it matters much since it’s mostly just to me.

The day turned out to be great. The bird came out amazing, everyone had a great time…I was completely relaxed and enjoyed myself (with one glass of wine). We had way too much food of course, but that’s par for the course with my family.

So, in retrospect, I am thankful for quite a few things.  I get along great with my family. Even if I don’t have a baby, they all love me and we have a great time together. My husband is great and when I least expect it, really shows up for the occasion…in so many ways.


It’s Thanksgiving

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And I know I’m supposed to be thankful for all kinds of things, and I am…but I’m more pissed that I am not celebrating my son’s first Thanksgiving…or his first Christmas or anything else. All I get to do is go to a cemetery and stare at a headstone and talk to my baby for a while. How unfair can that possibly be? After all those years of IVF’s, IUI’s and FET’s – I’m visiting a grave….while in the 2WW…it sucks and I’m so not thankful for it.

I know my husband has been wonderful through this and I know he hurts too. But sometimes, I just feel selfish and want it to be about me.

I know I should be grateful that my mother is still with us, but even with her – she’s like this shell of a person I used to know. Her whole life revolves around being sick. Part of me is sick of it and part of me cries for her and just wishes she would either get better or not. What must it be like for her to have to wake up each day and be in misery? For over a year now….

I know I should be happy that my sister is there to take care of my mother. But again, at what cost? She has no life – she wakes up every day and spends the whole day trying to make my mother feel more comfortable or give her medicine and food while my mother fights her every minute of the day. She doesn’t go anywhere or do anything because she worries that noone else will take care of our mother the way she does. I want to make her get out of the house, but I can’t force her. I worry about her sanity after all of this.

So, on this Thanksgiving morning -while I’m up by myself and before the insanity of 20 people coming to my tiny house for turkey starts I just needed to get out that I’m not truly happy or grateful for much this year. It’s been the worst year I can remember….I’m tired of death and hospitals and misery. I just want to be happy….

Oh and to top it off, Misty isn’t feeling right and she’s been off for days now so I’m really starting to worry.


Transfer done – November 24, 2008

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6 embies – 1 -12 cell, 1- 10 cell, 2- 8 cell and 2 – 7 cell…will any of them be any good is the real question?

And there are 35 left as 6 didn’t make it to freeze…

And all I can do is wait and try not to think about it. Transfer itself went very well, which for me is sort of a bonus. Usually, I can feel it when the catheter goes through the cervix – not so today. I was shocked when I heard Dr. K tell the embryologist to load…so hopefully that will be a good thing. I can only wait two weeks and find out then.

As I said to Dr. K while being wheeled out – this part is easy, it’s the next two weeks that suck…

Oh, and my dog has learned to find rotten jalapenos in the garden, eat them and then throw them up in the house or the car…good times. Which means I went out to clean out the garden bed and hope that she doesn’t dig anymore up.


Transfer is Monday… November 23, 2008

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Started the lovely PIO shots last night and am off to do tonights…ahh the joys of a painful azz! Oh and DH gave me the shot last night and it was quite the bleeder…bandaid worthy bleeder!

Will get the call tomorrow as to the time.

I took Monday off and was off on Wednesday to get ready for Thanksgiving (I’m cooking for 12)…so I decided to take Tuesday also and give myself plenty of time.

BTW, has anyone seen the Ungroundable episode of South Park? One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

So – wish me luck – not that I’m all that optimistic, but luck would be nice, as in good luck, as in God willing I actually get pregnant and not with a chemical…..


It’s Wednesday already… November 20, 2008

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My exciting life:

Got caught up on Trueblood – can’t believe the Rene is the murderer…

Haven’t done anything about the truck

Am freezing to death…I hate when it gets cold

Spent all kinds of money on house stuff drapes, dishes, duvet cover (all things that begin with a D) and an entry rug

Go tomorrow for blood and sono, find out when transfer will be

Actually went for long, brisk walks so the weight might start to come off

Discovered that I finally have finches eating the niger seed – nice of them to wait until it’s frozen out

and that’s all i got…oh yeah, anyone want some Cetritide or gonal-F?

 I like this theme better….

And my puppy is so cute!!img_4813