It's unusual…

..what started out as an IVF journey and ended up being about life

Hello to my Cysters! November 11, 2008

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I think my cysts are trying to get my attention….I keep getting pain under my ribcage. Or I could have hurt a muscle helping to move my brother on Sunday…not sure which.

I really just wanted to pop on here to say

I had dinner with my husband tonight!!! It’s a first in weeks!! We’ve both been working so much, we’ve been passing each other like ships in the night (or day). So, he was off for Veteran’s Day (thank you to the vets!) and I decided to work a half day. We did absolutely nothing exciting – went to look at HDTV’s,  had Bobbique for dinner (yummy fried pickles) and came home to watch Indiana Jones. But it was so nice to actually talk to one another for a change…..makes me remember how much I love him.

And that’s all I really gots to say…… 🙂


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