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I would truly like to punch some people sometimes… November 16, 2008

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Some lady in the Target parking lot crushed a shopping cart into my car with hers and then tried to run me over when I went over to her car. Another woman saw it and got her info for me…when the cop got there he told me that because she didn’t hit my car directly it had to be filed as property damage and I could fix it, then go after her in small claims court.

First of all, I’m never getting my money back…second of all I don’t need this just as the holidays are starting. I really hate people sometimes. And of course, when he ran her plate the license of the person the car is registered to came up as invalid….Gee, I wonder why she tried to kill two people in the process of getting away? :/

In other news…gave my leftover Hcg to a fellow IFer tonight and I truly wish I had a taker for the Gonal-F, Crinone and Cetritide hanging around my house….you would think there were more people desperate for fertility drugs. I guess I’ll just donate them to my RE’s office.

Still taking the Estrace, I go back on Thursday to check the lining.

I’ve lost another two pounds so I’m within 3 pounds of where I was before starting the last cycle. Of course, I’m still 30 pounds away from my ideal weight.

Found out DH’s uncle has terminal cancer and one of his sons is being an azzhole.

Found out my BF’s BIL is #1 on the wait list for a liver due to liver cancer, but if he doesn’t get one in the next 72 hours he’s not going to live.

Makes you appreciate what you do have sometimes……

Oh and Misty made another friend today…a sweet chocolate lab and they had lots of fun together!

I’m off to bed now to mull over the fact that I have to have body work done to my poor truck…..this vehicle is not catching a break.


One Response to “I would truly like to punch some people sometimes…”

  1. emilythehopeless Says:

    aaahh!! i’ll take/buy your crinone! i have to pay full price for it! sooooo expensive!!

    oh dear, i’m so sorry about your car that is just ridiculous.. i would be livid too!

    and your DH’s uncle 😦 .. geez.. and your friend.. sigh.. i’m so sorry.

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