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Beta and other thangs… December 10, 2008

Filed under: Infertility,IVF — gertyrae @ 1:49 pm

Haven’t been around in a bit cuz I’ve been super busy. We left for California on Monday and the Dr. called just as we were boarding the plane. My beta was 676…which makes me extremely happy…but I’ve been second guessing everything ever since. If I don’t feel nauseau I think it’s a problem, if I feel any cramping I think it’s a problem. What if the embie is not developing, etc. etc. 

I’m trying to enjoy myself here, but am very nervous. We are visiting family so it’s not like an action packed vacation, but I still worry. I go back for the second beta on Saturday when we get home, so I hope that number makes me feel better.

Anyway, kids are looking for me so it’s off to play more games with the niece and nephew.


One Response to “Beta and other thangs…”

  1. emilythehopeless Says:

    hooray for your beta!!! 😀
    hope you’re having fun!

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