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Happy New Year!!! January 3, 2009

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Not a whole lot of new to report….same old, same old – except with a lot of nausea added.

Not really complaining…besides, I’m not actually throwing up – just constantly nauseous and no matter what I do it doesn’t go away. I tried eating constantly and although my weight went up, the m/s didn’t go away. So now, I’m just dealing with it.  In a way  I kind of like it cuz I know I’m still PG….the cramps just frighten  me, so the nausea is a good thing.

NYE was very uneventful. Hubby worked, so I went to my brother’s with my Mom and sis. It was an extremely nice relaxing New Years….then I went and crashed at my Mom’s cuz I couldn’t deal with the 40 minute drive.

Yesterday, I left work and went to visit my Mother and crashed again….I’m starting to think the drive home scares me so much I have to sleep before I get in the car. Although, thankfully last night I just slept for two hours and then went home.

The visiting of my mother may have to stop….


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!!!”

  1. Allison Says:

    Hello! Congrats! I hope that things continue to go well. I found your blog through a google search on OHSS. If you don’t mind…when did this start to develop after your HSG injection? I’m 5 days out now…last night I got a little bloated but was in a lot of pain. I chalked it up to my endometriosis. However, this afternoon I’ve begun to feel woozy. I’m only doing Femara and HSG right now. Is this something I call the Dr. about, or, just rest and wait it out? We really didn’t talk much about OHSS, so, I dunno. Just was wondering when it normally started to surface.

    I look forward to keeping up with your blog. We are starting IVF soon, and, I know this will be a good resource.


  2. gertyrae Says:

    Hi….First of all I want to wish you lot’s of luck.
    Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away and I’m sure you probably called the Dr. already, but here’s an answer just in case.
    OHSS is directly related to the number of eggs retrieved. If you only are doing IUI, you probably don’t have OHSS but you will experience bloating and cramping if there is more than one egg.
    OHSS is a side effect of many eggs (more than 20 usually) being retrieved or released. If you are doing IUI the RE usually will cancel the cycle if there are that many follicles (happened to me two times), if doing IVF they generally won’t transfer.
    My guess is that you are just experiencing normal cramping and bloating from the trigger shot (HCG) and it will go away in a few days – unless you are PG.
    My hope is that you are PG and never have to go through IVF, but if you do – feel free to ask me any questions!

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