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Happy Valentines Day February 14, 2009

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Hallmark holiday that it is, I still get a little mushy about it!

My updates are as follows:

Last official day at my job of 23 years was yesterday. I start a new job on Tuesday….scary yet exciting!! I’ll still be working the  old place on the weekends until I go on bedrest, but no more weekday working….I’m very excited about the new job, just worried that my preggo brain is going to have a hard time absorbing all this new info.

Went to the OB yesterday for my followup on the cerclage. Everything looks good. Heard the creatures heartbeat again, talked about the amnio (I’m going to wait until I go on bedrest to do it since I don’t want to terminate anyway). Talked about cord blood banking, oddly my OB doesn’t think it’s the greatest idea – or maybe that’s because I told her we wouldn’t have the money for it anyway. Not with me being out of work for 6 months. Talked about the risk of Down’s and she said not to worry too much, that even with odds of 1 in 7 it’s still pretty good that the baby won’t have DS. And that was about it.

Got a flat tire on Thursday night, so I had to leave the OB and go get a new tire for the truck….thankfully, the new job is only five minutes away so I won’t be having as much car issues as I usually do.

And lastly….a Valentines Pic from Misty-Moo!!!!oplcommandservlet


I have been terrible about this and I’m sorry February 6, 2009

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I have to apologize about my lack of attention to this blog. I have had an extremely hectic few weeks and haven’t been updating so this is going to be a massive all-in-one.

Will start with the most recent first: Cerclage was done this past Tuesday (2/3) and went very well. They did a spinal anesthetic as opposed to general anesthesia in order to protect the baby. So, I was completely aware during the whole procedure although I stopped watching after I saw the size of the speculum they were using. It took about a half hour for the Dr. to do the stitch and then it took about another hour for the spinal to wear off. Very weird feeling the old spinal tap…no movement or feeling whatsoever in my legs and feet. When my hubby came into the recovery room he was tickling my feet and I felt absolutely nothing. Once I was able to stand alone and go to the bathroom, they were ready to release me. I had my first wheelchair ride out of a hospital. Hubby took me to my mother’s where my mom and sisters are around to make sure I don’t get out of bed and they’ve done a good job of that. Today was the first day they actually let me sort of walk around a bit and even then they start yelling if they feel I’m up for too long.

Backtrack – Now I’m going all the way back and moving forward — Went for the Ultrascreen ten days ago and they couldn’t get good measurements on the babies nuchal translucency, when they finally did get some decent measurements they combined the good ones with the bad and came up with a number of 2.7 (it’s supposed to be less than 2.5) so my results came back with a 1 in 7 chance of having Down’s Syndrome. I’m so worried about this now. Of course, before the cerclage I was trying to focus on the cerclage first and foremost. Now that that’s done, I’m worried about this baby having Down’s. You would think after all we’ve been through we could get through this without any issues. And the more stories I hear about people finding out the babies didn’t have Down’s actually scare me even more cuz what if I’m going to have the ONE. 😦

On the upside, I’ve been trying to get a certain job with the county for five years and I finally got called for it last week. They are allowing me to start and do the training, then I can take a Leave of Absence until I have the baby and am able to go back to work – which is actually a Godsend. The only problem is that I’m going to have to have the amnio before I take my Leave and don’t want to take any time from the new job in order to do this. So, I have a real Catch-22 situation going on here.

Other than all of this, I feel good. I’ve had no real bleeding or cramps since the cerclage and I go back a week from today to have that checked out. In the meantime, I have to try to find someone who can do this amnio that my OB will trust. Or see if I can just wait and have the amnio after I go on bedrest….

And that’s my update for now…..promise I will be more regular about my posts from here on in.