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Happy Valentines Day February 14, 2009

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Hallmark holiday that it is, I still get a little mushy about it!

My updates are as follows:

Last official day at my job of 23 years was yesterday. I start a new job on Tuesday….scary yet exciting!! I’ll still be working the  old place on the weekends until I go on bedrest, but no more weekday working….I’m very excited about the new job, just worried that my preggo brain is going to have a hard time absorbing all this new info.

Went to the OB yesterday for my followup on the cerclage. Everything looks good. Heard the creatures heartbeat again, talked about the amnio (I’m going to wait until I go on bedrest to do it since I don’t want to terminate anyway). Talked about cord blood banking, oddly my OB doesn’t think it’s the greatest idea – or maybe that’s because I told her we wouldn’t have the money for it anyway. Not with me being out of work for 6 months. Talked about the risk of Down’s and she said not to worry too much, that even with odds of 1 in 7 it’s still pretty good that the baby won’t have DS. And that was about it.

Got a flat tire on Thursday night, so I had to leave the OB and go get a new tire for the truck….thankfully, the new job is only five minutes away so I won’t be having as much car issues as I usually do.

And lastly….a Valentines Pic from Misty-Moo!!!!oplcommandservlet


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