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It’s been a Good Week! April 11, 2009

Filed under: Pregnancy — gertyrae @ 2:48 pm

Went to the Perinatologist on Wednesday and my cervix hasn’t changed at all from last week! This is wonderful, amazing news!!

I was sure my cervix was going to keep shortening, I keep feeling twinges in that area and was positive it was changing for the worse. Apparently, I was wrong. Everything has stayed exactly the same and BabyMack is moving around happily in his home. This is probably the best news I’ve gotten so far this pregnancy. According to Dr. Doom – if we keep up like this I’ll make it to 32 weeks no problem. Then she said we can talk about outings, etc. but really the last thing I’m worried about right now is outings. I’ll stay on this couch or in the bed for as long as I have to in order to make sure this little man is okay.

On other notes:

My mother’s surgery went okay…not great news, not terrible news. There was no visible cancer when they opened her up, but at the same time they were unable to reroute her intestines as planned. Apparently, the radiation has pretty much solidified her insides so they are kind of frozen solid. They did attach a feeding tube to help her stomach heal. The new plan of attack is to treat her with some fairly experimental drugs to try to help heal her stomach. In the meanwhile, she will have to use the feeding tube to her stomach nightly to get nourishment. They want her to start off with a completely liquid diet and then move slowly to solid food.  She was sent home today and sounds much, much better already. I’m sure the fact that she’s out of the hospital after 5 weeks make a big difference.

Dan started painting the nursery yesterday….so weird to be making this move. Part of me still isn’t sure this baby is going to make it and yet, it all seems so much more hopeful now. We are doing Mod Turtle bedding and I think once we pass the 24 week mark, I’m going to paint matching turtles on the ceiling fan and switchplate covers. Right now, I’m doing a lighthouse needlepoint to help pass the time.

That’s about it – except Misty wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter!!!easter-misty


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