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One Month Down!! May 2, 2009

Filed under: Pregnancy — gertyrae @ 10:40 am

And approximately nine weeks to go!!!

So far everything looks good still.

We went for the Fetal Echocardiogram on Tuesday and BabyMack’s heart is measuring perfectly.

I went to my regular OB on Friday and things look good. He didn’t do an internal, which kind of worries me because I would really like constant status updates on my cervix, but he doesn’t want to increase the chance of infection.

I think I’m starting to over-obsess a bit. I keep feeling like there is more discharge (I know TMI) than usual and I’m definitely feeling twinges in the cervical area. The Drs. keep assuring me that it’s normal and due to the stitch, but I can’t help but worry. I really wish I could get a cervical check every two days as opposed to every two weeks.

Other than that, I’m feeling good – we’ve achieved 25 weeks which is a major milestone. And I just have to keep cooking this little guy.

So, no real exciting news this week – which is a good thing in the long run.


2 Responses to “One Month Down!!”

  1. Allison Says:

    I know you are ready! 🙂 I am glad things have been going so well with all of this!

  2. gertyrae Says:

    Thanks…it’s a bit stressful, but as the weeks count down so does my stress level (usually).

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