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33 weeks and 4 days!! June 28, 2009

Filed under: Pregnancy — gertyrae @ 12:34 pm

We are almost there!!! A few more days and we will be at the magical 34 week mark. I was at the Peri on 6/22 and my cervix had lengthened again to 1.2 cm. Good times!!! I truly do have a magical cervix that just does whatever it wants to do. I’m like some freak of nature.

I also am diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes so I have to watch what I eat and  monitor after every meal. I’m taking an insulin shot each night since the insulin apparently doesn’t affect the baby, whereas the oral medication could. Since I’ve done soooo many cycles of IVF the injections don’t bother me at all….the black and blues are a little disconcerting but I’m just going to tell people Dan beats me in my legs. 🙂

We are going for a growth sono this week on Tuesday and I guess I’ll find out about being released from bedrest then. Although, in strictest confidence – I’ve been doing a little more here and there anyway. I had a horrible night on Thursday night – couldn’t sleep at all because my back was in so much pain from lying in this position all the time and I was literally crying from the pain. I decided on Friday that the writhing in pain all night wasn’t doing me any good either (or Colin for that matter), so I sat up a little here and there during the day and it made a world of difference. Saturday, I sat outside with Dan and helped him (with directions) on cleaning the garden beds and planting some annuals. Again, I slept well last night so I think it’s worth it at this point. Besides, I am so easily winded and tired these days from doing nothing for 14 weeks that I need to start building up my strength anyway. Hopefully, the Dr. gives me the okay to get up a little more here and there so I don’t feel like I’m cheating or doing something really bad.

His room is getting there….crib is together, bookshelf is in, glider is in…Dan is just waiting for someone to help him move the dresser. Then we have to get all the clothing together and wash it so I can put it away. The crib is huge!!! It takes up so much of the room that I think we have to rearrange it so it’s not so overwhelming. I will post pics once it’s done.

OH…….and we got pics at the last sono that are decent!! Looks like Colin is going to look a LOT like his daddy!!!!

Colin @ 32 weeks small


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