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Okay – so it’s not quite another year… May 9, 2011

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…but almost:(

I don’t know how it is I forget to do this so often. I guess it’s just cuz there is so much going on.

I don’t think I ever realized when I started this blog that I would actually have a child…I seriously don’t. My life has changed so much since then. Even the conception of Colin was sort of surreal since I had conceived before and then lost the baby. Now that we do have him, my life is a whirlwind and so much about has changed.

He is going to be 2 in just two months and he is an extremely happy, rambunctious little boy. He is talking up a storm (all single words, no sentences yet) and one of the most energetic kids I’ve ever seen. He has no fear and he loves speed, heights, spinning, etc. The only thing he’s scared of is the lawn mower and even that he is curious about.

I’m now a 911 Operater – which is a whole other story and I may have to add some of those little anecdotes to this blog when I manage to remember them as they are certainly covered under the “unusual” title. I started this job right before bedrest and went back when C was 10 weeks old. It pays the bills but has totally dimmed my respect for people in general. Actually, it barely pays the bills.

We still have Misty and Espresso and have added a Betta Fish, “uni” to the mix…contemplated a turtle cuz C loves them but I don’t think I can care for any more animals. Especially since we are also feeding the birds outside.

As far as our little boy – he is wonderful and the main reason I want to return to updating is because I feel like I’m going to forget the special moments.  As it is, I barely remember him when he was a baby and have to refer to his baby book or photos.  And this is a child I worked for years to conceive, what must it be like for those who just have children without thinking.

Anyway, on to C:

He is so loving right now – he won’t harm a flea it seems…he hugs Misty, runs after Espresso trying to pet him, feeds all the animals every day (outside birds and fish included) and gets very upset if we don’t let him do it.

He is as stubborn as a mule – if he doesn’t want to do it – it don’t get done!

He is the worst eater I have ever seen…I truly hope this changes, but he’s terrible. I’m happy if we get one good meal in him a day – today it was a PB&J – all other food was ignored completely. He does love cookies and cake and on Easter Sunday ate nothing but that and candy.

He is being soooo stubborn when it comes to the potty….not sure what I’m going to do about that. He was actually sitting on it and going about 2 months ago and then just did a turn around…I’m not sure if I missed the window or what.

He sleeps at night like a dream – down at 8 and up at 7. Daytime naps are iffy…sometimes he’s up all day and others he’ll sleep for hours.

So those are the basics….if I can remember to write more often I’ll be sure to add small anecdotes that will help us to remember the little things better.

And here are some pics from the last month: