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Yikes! April 23, 2012

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Guess who cursed? Yuppers…my lovely 2 year and 9 month old son. And he did it soooooooo well.
We were having dinner and he got up from the table, went to the living room and picked up one of his storybooks. Brought it back to the kitchen and I asked him what he was doing. His response “I want to read a book.” And I said “We are eating dinner, no books right now, put that back.” and my little angel said “Fucking Christ!”, threw the book onto the ground and got back in the chair.
Not really sure whether to laugh or cry I asked him what he just said and he repeated it, albeit very quietly…
I told him we don’t say those words, they are bad words and left it at that. Haven’t heard anything since, but still think it’s kind of hilarious and had to put it down for posterity – on the internet that is.


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