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Godspeed Maurice – May 9, 2012

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Maurice Sendak passed today. Not that he didn’t live a full life (he was 83), but it saddens me terribly. I’m not 100% sure why – the strangest things make me cry these days. But reading that he died brought tears to my eyes.

He was the author of my most favorite book as a child “Where the Wild Things Are”. I can’t tell anyone how much I adored that story. I read it over and over…dogeared my original copy to the point where my mother had to chuck it.

Years later, I purchased another copy of the book and when McFarlane toys came out with the figurines, I had to buy not one but two of each character. Over the years, some of them were broken and I was glad to have the backups. When we decorated Colin’s room, I put up a shelf with a hard-cover copy of the book and all the figurines. It’s still up there now. I also purchased a soft-cover version of the story and read that to C some nights in the hopes that he catches the Wild Thing fever.

Mr. Sendak also wrote “Chicken Soup with Rice” AND was the illustrator for “Little Bear”. The Nickelodeon show is one of Colin’s favorites.

Good-bye Mr. Sendak – may you romp with the Wild Things into eternity.