It's unusual…

..what started out as an IVF journey and ended up being about life

gotta love it… May 30, 2012

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…just when i thought things were going so smoothly, someone had to break into my truck and steal my cellphone, gymbag and work bag. I love society!! Such a wonderful thing. And the best part was explaining to my almost 3 year old how there are bad people in this world and they went into Mommy’s car and took all her stuff. So now we have to go to the police station and tell them. Poor little guy thinks the police man is just going to give me my stuff back – HaHaHa.

Yes, I know worse things could happen – it was just frustrating.annoying.sad.aggravating.etc.etc. It could have been much, much worse but I just get so tired of having stupid shit happen to me. I try to be the good guy all the time and this is the thanks I always end up getting…

Waiting for new cellphone now. Worrying about the fact that all my personal info is out “there” somewhere yet again. Wondering if they will “visit” our home now. All the good things I get to look forward to now.


Go.Fuck.Yourselves.BadGuys!!!! I hate you all – Would love to see Armageddon or some other lovely thing happen to you great and small…..We, the normal folks, use honest means to get through each day and it really sucks that you have to ruin our days with your selfish crap.


Thank you and Goodnite……


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