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The worst blogger ever…. November 23, 2013

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…is me. Another almost year has gone by. Funny to read back on my last posts and see what’s changed and what hasn’t. Our life is pretty much the same, albeit Colin has turned into a boy, Stormy has settled down quite a bit and Misty is starting to show her age. Thinking about going down a different path and posting more foodie stuff as opposed to journaling, because journaling is SO not happening obviously. Baking and cooking absolutely are…and a bit of kid crafting. Since C is a bit older and more capable we have been taking on littler projects. It lets me get out some of my creativity also, since although I used to do a lot of drawing I rarely get to it now. I’m hoping to create some nice memories and traditions with my little guy, plus we get to hang out together.

This all seems rather ambitious since I haven’t posted in almost a year but it can’t hurt to try, right?

A boy and his dog: