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Weekly Update… April 19, 2009

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Since I can’t seem to update every day or so, I’ll settle for every week…

Anyway, had a week full of visitors this past week, which truly helps the time go by. Just a few hours passes so quickly when you have visitors and then before you know it, the day is almost over.

Gave myself a good scare this past Monday. Was taking a shower and felt some kind of pressure in my cervix so I called the OB. They told me to come right down and they would check it out. He took me right in and did an internal…cervix was closed, stitch holding. He did send me to labor and delivery to be monitored for a couple hours. Everything seems to be okay.

I went back to him for a regular visit on Friday and all seems to be well. Although he didn’t do an internal this time since he doesn’t want to increase any risk of infection.

Wednesday is 24 weeks…BabyMack is viable at that point….it’s so nervewracking trying to get to this day…

Thursday, I go back to the Perinatologist for steroid shots and a cervix check. Hopefully, all has stayed the same…that’s all I can pray for at this point.

Mom is about the same…she is living on the feeding tube right now. We are hoping that that might change in the future, but for now we’ll take what we can get. I haven’t seen her since the bedrest started and honestly don’ t know when I am going to see her again.

And since I have to post Misty pics every time…here’s one of her sleeping on me….april-2009-015


I’m back and on… April 5, 2009

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bed-rest officially. Started on April 1st and will continue on through July ?

So far it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve read one book, which sucked and am now reading The Red Tent which seems excellent. Caught up on all my TV shows, now have to start working on the movies.

The main reason I’m on bed-rest (besides being scheduled) is that my cervix went from 4.3cm to 2.8cm in two weeks. Dr. Doom sort of freaked out on Wednesday about it, but my regular OB does not seem nearly as concerned. He said 2.1 or tearing the cerclage would have worried him, but he seems very positive about this go round.

Other than that, everything with the baby seems great. There are no “soft markers” for Down’s, so I’m not regretting my decision to decline the amnio. He is right on schedule for growth and everything looks pretty perfect. The tech spent over an hour doing the Level II sono, so I’m pretty sure it couldn’t have been more thorough.

The little man is moving around like crazy now…he keeps kicking and flopping all over. I went to see my Mom in the hospital the day before  I went on bed-rest and she was able to feel him kick! I was so happy she got to feel it…and she got so excited about it.

My mother is having her surgery on Tuesday. All I can do is lie here on the couch and pray that everything goes well. I feel sort of useless, but I guess I just have to trust in my sisters and the surgeons. Their plan of attack is to reroute her small intestine to stop bile from pouring into her stomach. The hope is that this will resolve her vomiting issues. They are then going to start treating her with meds and attaching a feeding tube to her stomach. Hopefully this will help her to feel better and, more importantly, she will be able to eat without vomiting.

My hubbie has been wonderful through all of this…I have to say I’m more surprised at how well he has stepped up. I’m so proud of him – he has been cleaning up, making me meals, making sure the dog is taken care of and making sure I’m as comfortable as possible. I never dreamed he would do this well and I’m so happy that he is doing what has to be done. He has even taken off from work a few times now to take me to the Dr. – this is the man who goes to work with whooping cough….

Soooooooooooo, that’s my update – for the few of you who are still following my disjointed path. I truly thought I would be way more religious about this, but I guess once a month or so is better than never. Besides, I’m sure now that I’m lying in bed 24/7 I’ll be updating much more often…even though there isn’t much to update.

And here are the latest pics of our little man!

Baby's profile

Baby's profile

Our little thinker

Our little thinker


Suddenly – I suck at this! January 9, 2009

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I thought I would be posting here incessantly…but sleep has taken over my life. It’s all I want to do. There was a time (not so long ago) when I could go without sleep for days, now I’d like to sleep for days.

But, nothing new really going on so that may be another reason why I’m not around so much. It’s much easier to report each day when there are follies growing, being retrieved, etc, etc. Now, it’s just the day to day life of work, sleep and eat…in pretty much that order.

I did go to the OB Wednesday and he consulted with the high-risk OB that I will also be seeing. It has been determined that my cerclage will be put off until after the ultrasound…just to make sure the baby has no serious issues.  Which I am sure it won’t…I come from healthy stock and this baby is going to be just fine. Rogan was fine and there is no reason why this little creature should be any different. So, I go to the High-Risk on Thursday for my first tri sonogram…it’s the first time I’ll see the baby since it was a bean – literally. This is such a different pregnancy from Rogan – then my RE was doing sono’s every week…now I just had one and I go for bloodwork each week, no sono. I guess he figures all is well since there was no sign of early miscarriage last time.

My sister had her first real sono yesterday and saw the fetus move a little. It is starting to grow little leg stumps…very funny looking. She is over the moon now about this baby…where before she was complaining about gaining weight, now she’s just happy. Thank God for that….appreciate what you have is what I say.

And now, I have to go take a shower and get on with the workday!! Yuck!


Happy New Year!!! January 3, 2009

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Not a whole lot of new to report….same old, same old – except with a lot of nausea added.

Not really complaining…besides, I’m not actually throwing up – just constantly nauseous and no matter what I do it doesn’t go away. I tried eating constantly and although my weight went up, the m/s didn’t go away. So now, I’m just dealing with it.  In a way  I kind of like it cuz I know I’m still PG….the cramps just frighten  me, so the nausea is a good thing.

NYE was very uneventful. Hubby worked, so I went to my brother’s with my Mom and sis. It was an extremely nice relaxing New Years….then I went and crashed at my Mom’s cuz I couldn’t deal with the 40 minute drive.

Yesterday, I left work and went to visit my Mother and crashed again….I’m starting to think the drive home scares me so much I have to sleep before I get in the car. Although, thankfully last night I just slept for two hours and then went home.

The visiting of my mother may have to stop….


It’s been a real long while…. December 31, 2008

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Sorry I haven’t been around. It’s been very hectic with California, Christmas, etc. I’m not sure I can even squeeze it all into one post.
My third beta was 16,000 so I was scheduled for a sono this past Monday – more on that later.
My sister had her first sono on the Monday before Christmas and was given a due date of August 15. I figured I’d be around the 20th then. She saw the heartbeat and everything looks great.
Christmas was great this year. My mom was actually feeling okay, we had a nice Christmas Eve albeit there was a little drama. When isn’t there drama when you have a group of 12 siblings and SO’s. Christmas Day was hosted by yours truly and went off without a hitch. Misty was crated while everyone was here due to allergies, but that actually worked out for the better and I may do that from now on. My Crown Roast of Pork came out late but it was delish.
And of course I got everything I wanted….mostly the pregnancy, I would have been happy with just that.
And we had our first sono on Monday. BabyMack is measuring in at approx. 13 mm and is dated at 7weeks4days so my due date is August 12/13. We saw the heartbeat which totally made me cry…I think I was going to hug Dr. K, but I had no pants on so it made it kind of difficult. DH was sooooooooooo excited.
Now of course it’s back to worrying. I made my appointment with the regular OB and am seeing him on 1/7, which is when I’ll find out about the cerclage.
Thank you so much for following along with me….I still can’t believe we got a second chance at this. I really didn’t think it was going to happen. Now all I can do is pray for a smooth pregnancy….mackbaby-2


Things are continuing to look pretty good December 14, 2008

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Beta was at 3800 on Saturday which is a good number, means things are progressing nicely. I have to go back this coming Friday (the 19th) for another beta and then on the 29th I go for a sono to see if the embie/baby has a heartbeat. That will be the biggie.

California was really nice. We spent most of our time with family, but we did get some driving time on the PCH in. It’s very pretty out there…but also wayyy too expensive for my taste. I’m a poor person…and I’m not sure I’d even want to be that wealthy. But it was great seeing family – we haven’t seen them since the summer.  BTW, for all the people who think the Santa Monica Pier is something they have to see – don’t waste your time. It’s an arcade and fair – no more, no less. If you go to the pier, go to see the seals, cormorants and grebes(light colored cormorant looking birds).  And the scenery…

Had a Christmas party at my house with all my local “Infertility Friends” and we had a great time. I had a house full of kids ranging in age from 6 months to 5 years and it was so much fun. Although, after 7 hours I guess Misty had had enough and she nipped at the 5 year old. I’m not happy about it, but his mother was great and totally understood that the dog was tired and just reacted to him running by. I was really upset cuz she had been really good with the kids all day….I never expected that at the end of the night. She didn’t even break skin, but it was enough to disturb me.

In other news, my sister just announced that she is pregnant. If all goes well, we will be due within two weeks of each other. I can honestly say that at first I was a little angry and/or jealous, but I seem to have gotten past it and am thinking how great it will be that these cousins will be so close in age and get to grow up together. I remember how much fun I used to have with the cousins who were around my age and I really think this is going to be a good thing.

And that’s all I got…..I now have to go back to working on my Christmas Dinner menu. We have 13 people coming over and I’m thinking of doing a crown roast of pork for dinner.

Oh and some pics from Santa Monica!


Beta and other thangs… December 10, 2008

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Haven’t been around in a bit cuz I’ve been super busy. We left for California on Monday and the Dr. called just as we were boarding the plane. My beta was 676…which makes me extremely happy…but I’ve been second guessing everything ever since. If I don’t feel nauseau I think it’s a problem, if I feel any cramping I think it’s a problem. What if the embie is not developing, etc. etc. 

I’m trying to enjoy myself here, but am very nervous. We are visiting family so it’s not like an action packed vacation, but I still worry. I go back for the second beta on Saturday when we get home, so I hope that number makes me feel better.

Anyway, kids are looking for me so it’s off to play more games with the niece and nephew.


10dp3dt December 4, 2008

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And we have some “stuff” going on.

We booked a trip to Cali last week. We are going to see SIL and BIL in Santa Monica. I’ve never been to Cali so I’m pretty excited. Hubby’s been there before, so he’s not quite as excited – but he is thrilled to see his sister and the kids. We haven’t seen them since the summer, it’s been long overdue.

Soooooooooooo…in the getting ready for the trip. I counted my progesterone suppositories and I won’t have enough if I happen to get a positive beta. So, the question arose – should I test and then I know and can get a refill or do I just call for a refill on the off-chance that it might be positive?

Well……………………………..there just happened to be a leftover test from a few months ago and any excuse to test is probably a good excuse. Dan said I wouldn’t be able to hold out…what is it with IF and HPT’s?

The good news is………………

Could it be a real positive?

Could it be a real positive?

and yeah, the pic sux cuz my camera sux and I can’t sit still now.

The problem is we’ve gone this route before a few times and it could be a chemical…so I can’t get too excited right now. The only thing I can count in my favor is that it’s a pretty dark line….I will have to control the urge to buy 50 more tests and test incessantly until Monday.

At least I know to order more suppositories….


5dp3dt… November 29, 2008

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Saturday morning and the drugs are driving me insane already.

I don’t know which is worse – the progesterone cramping or the estrace nauseau…either way I can’t stand it.

On the upside, we are going to Cali in two weeks!! Soooooooo exciting!!! We are going to visit hubby’s sister and family in Santa Monica and I really can’t wait. First, because I really miss them and want to see them. Second, cuz I’ve never been to Cali and can’t wait to see the other coast!! So, it’s very exciting stuff.

Misty’s still sort of off…and I really should be taking her for her shots today. Not sure what I’m going to do about that. She’s farting like a madman and although her stool was semi-normal yesterday, I haven’t checked todays yet. Why, oh why do dogs have to eat crap that’s in or on the ground for extended periods of time?!

In even sadder news (I’m just a happy piglet aren’t I?), a man was trampled in a WalMart on LI yesterday. And I cannot fathom how crass, rude and boorish our society has become that a person’s life is worth saving $5 on a Christmas gift. I just can’t figure it out…When did we become these monsters? How does noone care about another persons welfare at all. How do you see people knock someone over and stomp all over him and just join the throng and not try to help. Then there’s someone who videotaped the police trying to resuscitate him and was laughing…how do you laugh at another persons’ death? Yeah…Merry Christmas Everyone. 😦 Thankfully, I was working and will be working today…I have no interest in dealing with the mobs at the stores this weekend. No bargain is that important, people will just get less for Christmas.


Transfer done – November 24, 2008

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6 embies – 1 -12 cell, 1- 10 cell, 2- 8 cell and 2 – 7 cell…will any of them be any good is the real question?

And there are 35 left as 6 didn’t make it to freeze…

And all I can do is wait and try not to think about it. Transfer itself went very well, which for me is sort of a bonus. Usually, I can feel it when the catheter goes through the cervix – not so today. I was shocked when I heard Dr. K tell the embryologist to load…so hopefully that will be a good thing. I can only wait two weeks and find out then.

As I said to Dr. K while being wheeled out – this part is easy, it’s the next two weeks that suck…

Oh, and my dog has learned to find rotten jalapenos in the garden, eat them and then throw them up in the house or the car…good times. Which means I went out to clean out the garden bed and hope that she doesn’t dig anymore up.