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10dp3dt December 4, 2008

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And we have some “stuff” going on.

We booked a trip to Cali last week. We are going to see SIL and BIL in Santa Monica. I’ve never been to Cali so I’m pretty excited. Hubby’s been there before, so he’s not quite as excited – but he is thrilled to see his sister and the kids. We haven’t seen them since the summer, it’s been long overdue.

Soooooooooooo…in the getting ready for the trip. I counted my progesterone suppositories and I won’t have enough if I happen to get a positive beta. So, the question arose – should I test and then I know and can get a refill or do I just call for a refill on the off-chance that it might be positive?

Well……………………………..there just happened to be a leftover test from a few months ago and any excuse to test is probably a good excuse. Dan said I wouldn’t be able to hold out…what is it with IF and HPT’s?

The good news is………………

Could it be a real positive?

Could it be a real positive?

and yeah, the pic sux cuz my camera sux and I can’t sit still now.

The problem is we’ve gone this route before a few times and it could be a chemical…so I can’t get too excited right now. The only thing I can count in my favor is that it’s a pretty dark line….I will have to control the urge to buy 50 more tests and test incessantly until Monday.

At least I know to order more suppositories….