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Another Positive Week… April 27, 2009

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I’m not sure I can handle this…I’m starting to get overly optimistic here, really. And at this point, that’s probably not a good thing.

Anyway – we have made it through viability. BabyMack would now survive outside the womb if he were born. His odds would not be great, but he’s got a much better chance now than if he were born a week ago. That is such a comforting feeling, I can’t even begin to explain it.

Went to the Perinatalogist for a check-up on Thursday. BabyMack looks good still and my cervix actually got longer – it’s up to 3.5 cm and 3.1 with pressure. That was the most positive news yet. And proof that the bedrest really truly works! 

I am getting truly bored…although the nice weather this weekend was a bit of a break. I went and laid outside on the chaise lounge each day for a couple hours. I got sunburn the first day – something that never happens to me, but I guess the pregnancy has altered my skin somewhat. So, it was 30 sunscreen after that.

BabyMack is moving almost constantly now and you can feel it easily, sometimes you can actually see him move – my belly kind of pops for a second. It’s a wonderful feeling and I get so happy every time he starts really moving around. It makes this worthwhile…he’s truly growing right now and I am starting to think we might get through this with a little man in our arms. Something I honestly hadn’t been able to visualize until this point due to what happened with Rogan.

The March for Babies was yesterday and although I wasn’t able to walk myself – Our team raised over $3000!!! What a great feeling!!! I am so proud of the team and all the hard work they did fundraising!! I’m also proud of my hubby…He got out there and walked without me and brought Munchkins for the crew.

BabyMacks Profile

BabyMacks Profile

He's sucking his thumb!! <3

He's sucking his thumb!! ❤


Weekly Update… April 19, 2009

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Since I can’t seem to update every day or so, I’ll settle for every week…

Anyway, had a week full of visitors this past week, which truly helps the time go by. Just a few hours passes so quickly when you have visitors and then before you know it, the day is almost over.

Gave myself a good scare this past Monday. Was taking a shower and felt some kind of pressure in my cervix so I called the OB. They told me to come right down and they would check it out. He took me right in and did an internal…cervix was closed, stitch holding. He did send me to labor and delivery to be monitored for a couple hours. Everything seems to be okay.

I went back to him for a regular visit on Friday and all seems to be well. Although he didn’t do an internal this time since he doesn’t want to increase any risk of infection.

Wednesday is 24 weeks…BabyMack is viable at that point….it’s so nervewracking trying to get to this day…

Thursday, I go back to the Perinatologist for steroid shots and a cervix check. Hopefully, all has stayed the same…that’s all I can pray for at this point.

Mom is about the same…she is living on the feeding tube right now. We are hoping that that might change in the future, but for now we’ll take what we can get. I haven’t seen her since the bedrest started and honestly don’ t know when I am going to see her again.

And since I have to post Misty pics every time…here’s one of her sleeping on me….april-2009-015


Wow…it’s been a long, long time…. March 21, 2009

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almost 6 weeks since my last update. Have no fear, I will be updating a LOT in the near future. Bedrest is approaching fast and furiously.

To update – the baby seems to be a-okay. I had a second part of the ultrascreen done and the results dropped to 1 in 40. Which was great news for me and made me start thinking about skipping the amnio. Then I went for a growth sono last week and there are no significant markers, so I opted out of the amnio. And the Drs. didn’t give me a hard time – which makes me even happier!

The baby looks great, confirmed that it is a boy. At the growth sono, the tech tried to do a Level II but had some issues seeing the stomach bladder. So, I go back on April 1st  for my true Level II and hopefully his little stomach will be full then. And they will see it, and all will be well.

My new job is working out really well. I am catching on and don’t have too many concerns regarding my ability to do this after I go back. I am actually enjoying it – I love the commute more than anything. From 90 minutes to 5 minutes – how do you beat that? We have decided on what we are going to do with the room and I’m thinking about painting the ceiling fan blades to match the bedding. I’m probably crazy, but what else am I going to do with my time, right?

And, my mom is back in the hospital. I’ve been trying to go up as much as possible, but at the same time don’t want to overdo it for myself. She is severely malnourished and they were afraid she was going to just die of malnourishment if they didn’t address it. So, they attached a feeding port last night and will start feeding her through it on Sunday. There have been a few complications – but that’s par for the course in our family….

She does look much better than she has in eons, so there’s something to that. I feel bad cuz she is hungry (they have her on a completely liquid diet), but she hasn’t vomitted in a week. This is a first for her in over a year, so I’m certainly not bringing her any food…..

Last but not least, the anniversary of Rogan’s birth/death is tomorrow. The fact that I have this new baby growing inside of me makes it a lot easier to deal with, but at the same time I’m feeling a lot of guilt for not being as sad as I think I should be. I don’t know what the right answer is….and I probably won’t really until tomorrow…but we are going to go to Church and say a prayer for our little Angel and hope that he continues to watch over his baby brother and then we will go to the cemetery and bring him some flowers, along with his little bear that I’ve been holding over the winter.



Happy Valentines Day February 14, 2009

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Hallmark holiday that it is, I still get a little mushy about it!

My updates are as follows:

Last official day at my job of 23 years was yesterday. I start a new job on Tuesday….scary yet exciting!! I’ll still be working the  old place on the weekends until I go on bedrest, but no more weekday working….I’m very excited about the new job, just worried that my preggo brain is going to have a hard time absorbing all this new info.

Went to the OB yesterday for my followup on the cerclage. Everything looks good. Heard the creatures heartbeat again, talked about the amnio (I’m going to wait until I go on bedrest to do it since I don’t want to terminate anyway). Talked about cord blood banking, oddly my OB doesn’t think it’s the greatest idea – or maybe that’s because I told her we wouldn’t have the money for it anyway. Not with me being out of work for 6 months. Talked about the risk of Down’s and she said not to worry too much, that even with odds of 1 in 7 it’s still pretty good that the baby won’t have DS. And that was about it.

Got a flat tire on Thursday night, so I had to leave the OB and go get a new tire for the truck….thankfully, the new job is only five minutes away so I won’t be having as much car issues as I usually do.

And lastly….a Valentines Pic from Misty-Moo!!!!oplcommandservlet


I have been terrible about this and I’m sorry February 6, 2009

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I have to apologize about my lack of attention to this blog. I have had an extremely hectic few weeks and haven’t been updating so this is going to be a massive all-in-one.

Will start with the most recent first: Cerclage was done this past Tuesday (2/3) and went very well. They did a spinal anesthetic as opposed to general anesthesia in order to protect the baby. So, I was completely aware during the whole procedure although I stopped watching after I saw the size of the speculum they were using. It took about a half hour for the Dr. to do the stitch and then it took about another hour for the spinal to wear off. Very weird feeling the old spinal tap…no movement or feeling whatsoever in my legs and feet. When my hubby came into the recovery room he was tickling my feet and I felt absolutely nothing. Once I was able to stand alone and go to the bathroom, they were ready to release me. I had my first wheelchair ride out of a hospital. Hubby took me to my mother’s where my mom and sisters are around to make sure I don’t get out of bed and they’ve done a good job of that. Today was the first day they actually let me sort of walk around a bit and even then they start yelling if they feel I’m up for too long.

Backtrack – Now I’m going all the way back and moving forward — Went for the Ultrascreen ten days ago and they couldn’t get good measurements on the babies nuchal translucency, when they finally did get some decent measurements they combined the good ones with the bad and came up with a number of 2.7 (it’s supposed to be less than 2.5) so my results came back with a 1 in 7 chance of having Down’s Syndrome. I’m so worried about this now. Of course, before the cerclage I was trying to focus on the cerclage first and foremost. Now that that’s done, I’m worried about this baby having Down’s. You would think after all we’ve been through we could get through this without any issues. And the more stories I hear about people finding out the babies didn’t have Down’s actually scare me even more cuz what if I’m going to have the ONE. 😦

On the upside, I’ve been trying to get a certain job with the county for five years and I finally got called for it last week. They are allowing me to start and do the training, then I can take a Leave of Absence until I have the baby and am able to go back to work – which is actually a Godsend. The only problem is that I’m going to have to have the amnio before I take my Leave and don’t want to take any time from the new job in order to do this. So, I have a real Catch-22 situation going on here.

Other than all of this, I feel good. I’ve had no real bleeding or cramps since the cerclage and I go back a week from today to have that checked out. In the meantime, I have to try to find someone who can do this amnio that my OB will trust. Or see if I can just wait and have the amnio after I go on bedrest….

And that’s my update for now…..promise I will be more regular about my posts from here on in.


Suddenly – I suck at this! January 9, 2009

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I thought I would be posting here incessantly…but sleep has taken over my life. It’s all I want to do. There was a time (not so long ago) when I could go without sleep for days, now I’d like to sleep for days.

But, nothing new really going on so that may be another reason why I’m not around so much. It’s much easier to report each day when there are follies growing, being retrieved, etc, etc. Now, it’s just the day to day life of work, sleep and eat…in pretty much that order.

I did go to the OB Wednesday and he consulted with the high-risk OB that I will also be seeing. It has been determined that my cerclage will be put off until after the ultrasound…just to make sure the baby has no serious issues.  Which I am sure it won’t…I come from healthy stock and this baby is going to be just fine. Rogan was fine and there is no reason why this little creature should be any different. So, I go to the High-Risk on Thursday for my first tri sonogram…it’s the first time I’ll see the baby since it was a bean – literally. This is such a different pregnancy from Rogan – then my RE was doing sono’s every week…now I just had one and I go for bloodwork each week, no sono. I guess he figures all is well since there was no sign of early miscarriage last time.

My sister had her first real sono yesterday and saw the fetus move a little. It is starting to grow little leg stumps…very funny looking. She is over the moon now about this baby…where before she was complaining about gaining weight, now she’s just happy. Thank God for that….appreciate what you have is what I say.

And now, I have to go take a shower and get on with the workday!! Yuck!


Happy New Year!!! January 3, 2009

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Not a whole lot of new to report….same old, same old – except with a lot of nausea added.

Not really complaining…besides, I’m not actually throwing up – just constantly nauseous and no matter what I do it doesn’t go away. I tried eating constantly and although my weight went up, the m/s didn’t go away. So now, I’m just dealing with it.  In a way  I kind of like it cuz I know I’m still PG….the cramps just frighten  me, so the nausea is a good thing.

NYE was very uneventful. Hubby worked, so I went to my brother’s with my Mom and sis. It was an extremely nice relaxing New Years….then I went and crashed at my Mom’s cuz I couldn’t deal with the 40 minute drive.

Yesterday, I left work and went to visit my Mother and crashed again….I’m starting to think the drive home scares me so much I have to sleep before I get in the car. Although, thankfully last night I just slept for two hours and then went home.

The visiting of my mother may have to stop….