It's unusual…

..what started out as an IVF journey and ended up being about life

Okay so I’m poor… April 15, 2012

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…and now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I feel better. On the upside,  I think  I have accepted poverty (for now) and will just deal with it.

We are going to try to battle it a bit though. Step One – get a car that doesn’t burn so much gas. We have two trucks right now and they both average 16mpg so we are going to dump mine and get a car that will get more like 30mpg.

And I’m going to start loving cheap stuff!!! Baking for example – cheap and gratifying…and Colin loves to sample the results so it works for everyone. I really like the decorating part better than the baking. And after months of trying I have finally figured out royal icing. And I’m starting to make biscuits for the pups…hopefully better for their skin and coats.

Also, running – have decided to run a marathon this year so I’m training now. Wish me luck on this one cuz it ain’t gonna be easy. Because for me I can’t just do a marathon, I have to do a trail marathon in the hills of Connecticut. Should be interesting to say the least.

Oh – and I have to share this Colinism: sitting at dinner the other night. He’s on my lap, hugs me and says “mommy i love you, you are the best mom” then looks over at Dan and says “and daddy you are my dad and you are the best dad”…Misty comes over cuz she’s looking for scraps and Dan says “and who is that”…Colin’s response: “This is my sister Misty!” and he gives her a big hug. Totally unprompted, we never say Misty is his sister and yet she is just a part of his family…And Stormy is his pest 🙂

So that’s my update – not much else going on…


Still Running… October 4, 2008

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So yesterday I bought the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and did it last night and tonight….what a workout!! :0

But, I was able to do Level 1, so that’s something. And tonight I did a 30 minute run and then the dvd – I’m really pushing it. I’ve got less than 18 days left, so I gotta do what I can in that time period. I would love to get below 175 by then (that’s a little over ten pounds). It’s not going to be easy since my birthday is next week, so I’m going to have to be super careful and not give up.

I am amazed at how out of shape I really am. There was a time that I could run 6 miles and do an hour of weights at the gym without even thinking about it. Now I’m spent after a video….How the mighty have fallen. I can blame some of it on my age and some on the IVF cycles, but mostly it’s been laziness. I will overcome though…at least I have control of something for now.

Yes, apparently my IVF blog is turning into a workout blog…for now anyway.

I did get a call from the pharmaceutical company to go over my meds…lot’s of Gonal F and Cetritide…not so much of anything else. And, of course they want to send me another sharps container – as if I don’t have enough already…I asked them to please withhold the sharps container and save it for someone else. I have three that I need to get rid of now…I really don’t need anymore.  So the drugs will be delivered on the 14th and it will be go time.

I’m going to go and get pumpkins this weekend so I can start carving for the competition I’m going to enter next weekend. It’s my first time entering into a contest like this so it should be interesting. I have two designs that I came up with, I’m going to carve both and see which I like better.  I also got the tickets for the jellies and preserves I’m going to enter too. I have to fill them out sometime this week. And make labels for the jars….


Running…. October 2, 2008

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Went for a run tonight and it felt great. I got three miles done which was good for me!

Going to try to stick with it and maybe drop at least a few pounds before stimming begins. It might also help if I’m in better shape.

Took Misty for a walk after but we got caught in rain so we had to cut it short. She doesn’t seem too upset though, she’s all curled up on the couch. Oh wait, she must know I’m typing about her, she just picked up her head and looked at me.

And I’m off to take my shower and get ready for bed…..