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..what started out as an IVF journey and ended up being about life

I’m back…for whatever it’s worth January 3, 2012

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I really keep saying I want to keep up with this and it’s terrible how I don’t. I’ve gone through another set of holidays without posting one thing in regards to my son, hubby, dogs (yes that’s dogs) we acquired a puppy on October 23rd. All is good in general, but I would love to keep a record of the finer points so that someday I can go back and see where we were and how far we’ve come (hopefully).

Well, we got approved for our home modification, which I hadn’t even posted about at all. Payments went up $75/month but our back payments were absorbed. Huge weight off our shoulders. Thank you to Chase Home Finance for seeing the light on that one and not letting us lose our home. I really love our house and was totally sweating the last year thinking we might lose it.

Colin is doing great! Happy, healthy, extremely talkative two year old…as in never.shuts.up. He talks in his friggin sleep. But, it’s well worth it. He has a real sense of humor and a few weeks ago I was reading him a book before bed and he flipped up his sippy cup straw and chocolate milk sort of spewed out…we both were belly laughing about it and I thought to myself afterwards how it’s all worth it just for that moment. All the pain to get here and the terrible two moments are gone in an instant when you are laughing with your son and it’s real. He loves to cook, cook, cook…everything he does is some variation of cooking. My friend swears it’s because he’s around me cooking all the time, but I think he just has a natural tendency towards cooking  – – Master Chef here we come!!

Potty training began last week and it’s been pretty good…dry for a few days, then an accident…today he pooped in his undies 😦 for the first time. But, I think he’ll get it sooner versus later and I’m not expecting perfection. He’s also in a toddler bed now. We did that the a few days after Christmas. Our house is a disaster with toys strewn everywhere, but a big part of me loves it. Can’t wait til the weekend when the tree comes down though.

And our latest addition:Stormy the pit bull/beagle (at least that’s what I think she is). Cute as a bug but what a maniac. We went into Petco and a young man was walking out with her. Of course we stopped to moon over her and heard that she had spent a week left outside in all the elements, including a Nor’Easter and fell in love. She’s a happy dog but kind of dumb…still hasn’t gotten the housebreak thing down completely and now I have to work on obedience cuz she’s starting to jump up for food, etc.

I’m going to leave it at this for now…hopefully I can do a little better this year as opposed to last…but we’ll more promises to myself or anyone else. Oh yeah…and I gained back a bunch of weight I had lost so I’m starting off the new year at 179 pounds and I need to get my raggedy butt back down to 155….

That’s all folks!!



Running…. October 2, 2008

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Went for a run tonight and it felt great. I got three miles done which was good for me!

Going to try to stick with it and maybe drop at least a few pounds before stimming begins. It might also help if I’m in better shape.

Took Misty for a walk after but we got caught in rain so we had to cut it short. She doesn’t seem too upset though, she’s all curled up on the couch. Oh wait, she must know I’m typing about her, she just picked up her head and looked at me.

And I’m off to take my shower and get ready for bed…..


Rough Week September 27, 2008

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Yup, it’s been a tough week!
Of course I’ve already mentioned Rogan’s birth on Monday. Then, on Monday night at my monthly book club meeting, my wisdom tooth breaks in half. Fun times!
So, I wake up Tuesday and the first thing I do is Pee(on a stick) in order to get my first official BFN (big fat negative). Gee, what did I really expect. Well, now I know I can get the tooth worked on…yippeekiyahmuthafucka!!!
So, I spend the morning calling every oral surgeon and his brother in order to get an appointment to have said tooth removed. Finally get a 3:30 appointment and off I go.
The pulling is relatively easy…amazingly enough. Now, it’s home to rest again jiggity jig.
Wake up Wednesday morning with the worst (TMI COMING UP) diarrhea. Wow, could this get any better! Sickness continues all day…I’m assuming reaction to the novacaine…until a friend calls me to tell me she has salmonella poisoning from the food she ate on Monday night (with me)! Guess it’s not a reaction to the novacaine after all. 😦
Luckily for me, I wake up on Thursday feeling semi-normal and it’s off to work I go.
Friday is official beta day….negatory! As if I didn’t know. And when my RE calls me with the info, I am almost consoling him. I actually feel bad for this man. He wants me to get pregnant in the worst way and it is soooooooooooo not happening. We’ve gone through 20 embryo’s in three months including two morula’s, one 10 cell grade 1 and one 8 cell grade 1, you would think one of them would have worked.
I swear, I wish I had the money for donor egg, cuz I would so do it at this point. I know it’s all me and if we had one decent egg I would get pregnant. Then of course, I’d just have to stay pregnant for nine months.
Anyway, as I’m consoling the lovely Dr. K – he tells me that he’d like to see me and discuss our next move. I inform him that I made an appointment to see him a month ago and I will be there Monday afternoon to talk about our options. I wouldn’t say he sounded happy, I think he might have like more time to prepare himself for the onslaught of me. But, he’ll deal with it.
So, I have the upcoming weekend to discuss with hubby what we should do – which will be stim or don’t stim basically. Or do we just decide to call it quits. I’m not sure I’m ready to call it quits and yet I’m not sure that I’m ready to stim again. And it’s not like I have a lot of time, considering the fact that I’ll be 43 in two weeks. Eggs are already another year older than the last batch, not a positive thing that’s for sure. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get ten grand to fall from the sky?
On the upside, I decided to enter a couple of my jarred goods into a Country Fair competition…how’s that for the penultimate dorky thing to do?! 🙂 But, I figure it will take my mind off the current state of my affairs. I’m also going to get down and dirty with working out and losing weight – I need to drop a good 30 pounds. I’m sure that doesn’t help my fertility case at all. Mostly, I figure it will help me to focus on other things besides fertility (or lack thereof) for a bit.
I’m going to assume next week will be better than this past one was….I’m not sure it could get worse, but who knows.
Oh, yeah…it was Misty’s birthday on Thursday! She’s four years old and still as cute as ever!!! And she just loves when I make her wear things….
Misty's birthday!