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Hah!! It’s only been a month!!!! June 11, 2011

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And I’ve decided to try to keep better tabs on this. Mostly because, when I read my old blogs I realize how much you forget as time goes by. And the best way to preserve and remember my feelings, actions, etc. is to be able to come back and read these posts at will. I know no-one else really cares at this point, but it matters to me.
Things are going pretty well here – C is getting bigger and “better” lately. He is really going through a super brat stage right now and I’m not happy about it. I think it’s kind of amusing how much I wished for this child and how hard I worked for him and sometimes (very occasional) I’d like to brain him. We went to a 4 year old’s birthday party the other day and he spent the entire 2 hours screaming and crying – fullblownscreamingsnotrunningtearsstreamingredfacedeyessqueezedshutstampingfeet screaming and crying. It was like my worst nightmare. Not only was I embarrassed for him but I felt like my head was going to explode. We had to go outside three times for time-outs. I really should have left and next time that’s what I’ll do because it was totally not worth staying – for either him or me.
On a brighter note – he’s usually not like that. I really think he’s going through a phase. Maybe the terrible twos hitting a bit early.
And I’m having fun planning his birthday party. No major thing – some of the parties these days frighten me a bit. Just a backyard BBQ with his friends and our family. We have to have two every year, one in CT with DH’s family and one here with our friends and my family. So we are doing a Monster theme – not as in the movie, as in monsters in general. And it’s kind of cute as well as being apropos right now. I made pinatas, goodie bags and am going to bake “monster cookies” which are just giant kitchen sink cookies. The pinatas were a real biatch but they came out really cute. I did a trial run of the cookies and they came out yummy. So we are pretty well set with the parties….
And we went to a Pirate thingy today at the Maritime Museum near us. C really loved the “pirate music” and was dancing all over to it. I think it sounded like Irish Folk music, but what the heck – the kid is a little Mick so it’s only natural.
One more thing – I noticed while looking back that I used to talk about Misty all the time and I don’t want it to seem like she’s been forgotten. She’s great, doing so well with C and is just as cuddly as ever. I take them for walks in our local woods and they have a good time together. She runs circles around C and he just laughs…then he’ll run a tiny bit just to get her to chase him and she’ll do the circles all over again. She’s starting to show her age (she’s almost 7) but it’s really just in the greying of her face…when you take her for a run she’s just as crazy as ever. It may take her a little longer to sleep it off is all.
Oh, and I’m fully back into running…just did two 5K’s and finished both in under 27 minutes! I’m a happy camper – now I just have to lose that last TEN pounds!!!