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weather or not we’re together November 8, 2012

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So, I figure I’ve got to do this since we live on Long Island.
Not only have we been slammed with SuperStorm Sandy but we now are dealing with a Snowy Nor’easter.
In the space of a little over a week.
Just for the records sake, most of the South Shore has been underwater numerous times, two of my close friends pretty much lost the lower parts of their homes, my best friends parents’ pretty much lost everything…and numerous other people I know have been affected by this wave of weather.
Gas is in short supply and there are lines that are up to 4 or 5 hours long.
Over 75% of the population on Long Island has lost power at least once.
Ten days after the original storm, more that 300,000 people are STILL without power.
People are being told they won’t be able to get back into their homes until next year some time. And if they started working on their houses already, they are having issues with getting help from FEMA. It’s a lose – lose situation.
My job as a 911 operator has been overwhelming…call after call after call after call.
Everyone is so out of sorts it’s not even amusing anymore.
and then there is the crime – looting, illegal gas sales, people fighting with weapons over gas, robberies…etc.
It’s pretty bad out there. It’s almost as though Armageddon might actually be happening.
I really can’t wait for normalcy to come back…in some way, shape or form.
We have been unbelievably fortunate. We never lost power and we had no structural damage from either storm. We had no television, phone or internet for a week but that is minor compared to what other people are dealing with.
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was severely affected by these storms. I hope you all can get back to some semblance of normalcy sooner vs. later.
Someday this will all be a memory and we will reflect on how lucky we all were (I hope).
In the meanwhile – some images to record what happened:

Flooding in the subway