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Another Positive Week… April 27, 2009

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I’m not sure I can handle this…I’m starting to get overly optimistic here, really. And at this point, that’s probably not a good thing.

Anyway – we have made it through viability. BabyMack would now survive outside the womb if he were born. His odds would not be great, but he’s got a much better chance now than if he were born a week ago. That is such a comforting feeling, I can’t even begin to explain it.

Went to the Perinatalogist for a check-up on Thursday. BabyMack looks good still and my cervix actually got longer – it’s up to 3.5 cm and 3.1 with pressure. That was the most positive news yet. And proof that the bedrest really truly works! 

I am getting truly bored…although the nice weather this weekend was a bit of a break. I went and laid outside on the chaise lounge each day for a couple hours. I got sunburn the first day – something that never happens to me, but I guess the pregnancy has altered my skin somewhat. So, it was 30 sunscreen after that.

BabyMack is moving almost constantly now and you can feel it easily, sometimes you can actually see him move – my belly kind of pops for a second. It’s a wonderful feeling and I get so happy every time he starts really moving around. It makes this worthwhile…he’s truly growing right now and I am starting to think we might get through this with a little man in our arms. Something I honestly hadn’t been able to visualize until this point due to what happened with Rogan.

The March for Babies was yesterday and although I wasn’t able to walk myself – Our team raised over $3000!!! What a great feeling!!! I am so proud of the team and all the hard work they did fundraising!! I’m also proud of my hubby…He got out there and walked without me and brought Munchkins for the crew.

BabyMacks Profile

BabyMacks Profile

He's sucking his thumb!! <3

He's sucking his thumb!! ❤


Weekly Update… April 19, 2009

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Since I can’t seem to update every day or so, I’ll settle for every week…

Anyway, had a week full of visitors this past week, which truly helps the time go by. Just a few hours passes so quickly when you have visitors and then before you know it, the day is almost over.

Gave myself a good scare this past Monday. Was taking a shower and felt some kind of pressure in my cervix so I called the OB. They told me to come right down and they would check it out. He took me right in and did an internal…cervix was closed, stitch holding. He did send me to labor and delivery to be monitored for a couple hours. Everything seems to be okay.

I went back to him for a regular visit on Friday and all seems to be well. Although he didn’t do an internal this time since he doesn’t want to increase any risk of infection.

Wednesday is 24 weeks…BabyMack is viable at that point….it’s so nervewracking trying to get to this day…

Thursday, I go back to the Perinatologist for steroid shots and a cervix check. Hopefully, all has stayed the same…that’s all I can pray for at this point.

Mom is about the same…she is living on the feeding tube right now. We are hoping that that might change in the future, but for now we’ll take what we can get. I haven’t seen her since the bedrest started and honestly don’ t know when I am going to see her again.

And since I have to post Misty pics every time…here’s one of her sleeping on me….april-2009-015


It’s been a Good Week! April 11, 2009

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Went to the Perinatologist on Wednesday and my cervix hasn’t changed at all from last week! This is wonderful, amazing news!!

I was sure my cervix was going to keep shortening, I keep feeling twinges in that area and was positive it was changing for the worse. Apparently, I was wrong. Everything has stayed exactly the same and BabyMack is moving around happily in his home. This is probably the best news I’ve gotten so far this pregnancy. According to Dr. Doom – if we keep up like this I’ll make it to 32 weeks no problem. Then she said we can talk about outings, etc. but really the last thing I’m worried about right now is outings. I’ll stay on this couch or in the bed for as long as I have to in order to make sure this little man is okay.

On other notes:

My mother’s surgery went okay…not great news, not terrible news. There was no visible cancer when they opened her up, but at the same time they were unable to reroute her intestines as planned. Apparently, the radiation has pretty much solidified her insides so they are kind of frozen solid. They did attach a feeding tube to help her stomach heal. The new plan of attack is to treat her with some fairly experimental drugs to try to help heal her stomach. In the meanwhile, she will have to use the feeding tube to her stomach nightly to get nourishment. They want her to start off with a completely liquid diet and then move slowly to solid food.  She was sent home today and sounds much, much better already. I’m sure the fact that she’s out of the hospital after 5 weeks make a big difference.

Dan started painting the nursery yesterday….so weird to be making this move. Part of me still isn’t sure this baby is going to make it and yet, it all seems so much more hopeful now. We are doing Mod Turtle bedding and I think once we pass the 24 week mark, I’m going to paint matching turtles on the ceiling fan and switchplate covers. Right now, I’m doing a lighthouse needlepoint to help pass the time.

That’s about it – except Misty wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter!!!easter-misty


I’m back and on… April 5, 2009

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bed-rest officially. Started on April 1st and will continue on through July ?

So far it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve read one book, which sucked and am now reading The Red Tent which seems excellent. Caught up on all my TV shows, now have to start working on the movies.

The main reason I’m on bed-rest (besides being scheduled) is that my cervix went from 4.3cm to 2.8cm in two weeks. Dr. Doom sort of freaked out on Wednesday about it, but my regular OB does not seem nearly as concerned. He said 2.1 or tearing the cerclage would have worried him, but he seems very positive about this go round.

Other than that, everything with the baby seems great. There are no “soft markers” for Down’s, so I’m not regretting my decision to decline the amnio. He is right on schedule for growth and everything looks pretty perfect. The tech spent over an hour doing the Level II sono, so I’m pretty sure it couldn’t have been more thorough.

The little man is moving around like crazy now…he keeps kicking and flopping all over. I went to see my Mom in the hospital the day before  I went on bed-rest and she was able to feel him kick! I was so happy she got to feel it…and she got so excited about it.

My mother is having her surgery on Tuesday. All I can do is lie here on the couch and pray that everything goes well. I feel sort of useless, but I guess I just have to trust in my sisters and the surgeons. Their plan of attack is to reroute her small intestine to stop bile from pouring into her stomach. The hope is that this will resolve her vomiting issues. They are then going to start treating her with meds and attaching a feeding tube to her stomach. Hopefully this will help her to feel better and, more importantly, she will be able to eat without vomiting.

My hubbie has been wonderful through all of this…I have to say I’m more surprised at how well he has stepped up. I’m so proud of him – he has been cleaning up, making me meals, making sure the dog is taken care of and making sure I’m as comfortable as possible. I never dreamed he would do this well and I’m so happy that he is doing what has to be done. He has even taken off from work a few times now to take me to the Dr. – this is the man who goes to work with whooping cough….

Soooooooooooo, that’s my update – for the few of you who are still following my disjointed path. I truly thought I would be way more religious about this, but I guess once a month or so is better than never. Besides, I’m sure now that I’m lying in bed 24/7 I’ll be updating much more often…even though there isn’t much to update.

And here are the latest pics of our little man!

Baby's profile

Baby's profile

Our little thinker

Our little thinker